Family Guy - Seahorse Seashell Party

Family Guy Seahorse Seashell Party. The episode mainly centers around the Griffin family, who are riding out an oncoming hurricane. In their attempt to pass the time, they participate in numerous activities and games. After being condemned by her peers, Meg lashes out and confronts her family. Meanwhile, Brian consumes magic mushrooms which cause him to hallucinate.



Church Fail - Religion Fail. (compilation)

Church Fail - Religion Fail. (compilation)

The clips and comments from some of the women on "The View" are staggeringly uninformed.


Ali G Science. What is that all about?

Ali G

"Science what is that all about?

Technology, what is that all about? Is it good, or is it whack?
Rainbow Jeremy rejects everything to do with science, he just chill at home and smokes his own home grown, and check this, he don't have a telly."